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    pc蛋蛋幸运28网上投注“And that, my dear, was how it came about in the first place. I dragged him with me, like the fool I was. And, once there, the game was up. From the moment John entered the drawing-room, your friend Lizzie made what I can only describe as a dead set at him. She never took her eyes off him. She talked to him, she talked at him; she sang for him, asked his opinion of her selections; and there sat John, who doesn’t know doh from re, or a major key from a minor, tapping his foot to the tune and looking as if he had been a judge of music all his life. On two occasions afterwards, I found him there. Mind you, only two. Then came that unfortunate evening at ERNANI. It’s no use asking ME, Mary, how the muddle occurred. I can’t tell you; I had nothing to do with it. All I know is, after the opera Mrs. Vance had to be escorted back to North Melbourne; and this job naturally fell to me, John not being the man to shoulder unpleasant duties if he can, with propriety, put them off on some one else. Well, we hired a wagonette and drove away — in a violent thunder-shower — leaving the other three outside the theatre. But it appears that somehow or other, what with the rain and the crush, the two of them lost sight of the old man. According to John’s account they stood waiting for him to turn up till Miss Lizzie’s teeth were chattering with cold. There seemed nothing for it but for him to call a cab and drive her home. He did so, and the next morning I’m hanged if he doesn’t get a furious letter from the father, accusing them of having slipped off alone on purpose. John heads straight for Vaucluse to apologise; and when he gets there the old man hammers the table, declares his daughter has been compromised, and ends by demanding to know John’s intentions. Now I ask you, what could John — what could any man with the feelings of a gentleman — do, but offer the only reparation in his power and at once propose for her hand? Therewith, of course the old boy cools down . . . becomes amiability itself. I don’t know, my dear, whether John was really guilty of an indiscretion — that’s his affair. But if you want my candid opinion, I think the whole thing was a put-up job. Your friend Lizzie is a veritable Leyden jar.”


    “The plain English of it is, she was squiffy.”


    2.“Ah, there you mention the one bit of his education I take a hand in. For Mary has no ear for music. Nor even any particular liking for it.”
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